Nigeria’s Team Captain Mikel Obi Changes His Name.

The midfielder’s name was incorrectly spelt by the Nigeria Football Federation in 2003 and he decided to keep it but has now officially changed his name from Michael to Mikel


Did you ever see that episode of Friends where Chandler Bing’s work colleague calls him Toby because it’s been far too long to correct him now? Of course you did, it’s Friends. Well, John Obi Mikel is living Friends in real life.

But while that sounds fantastic, it’s really not as it turns out John Obi Mikel is actually called ‘Michael’, but the Nigeria Football Federation incorrectly spelt his name ahead of the Under-17 World Cup in 2003.

It was not all bad though as Mikel/Michael preferred his new moniker and stuck with it before joining Chelsea in 2006.

Now Michael, born John Michael Nchekwube Obinna, has officially changed his name to ‘Mikel John Obi’, according to the Standard

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