Lets discuss football: ARSENAL 1.96 vs 4.08 Tottenham Hotspur..Could this be the kiss of death for Tottenham?


Following the drama that happened yesterday with Chelsea having a 5-0 win and Man City having a draw,this game is definitely important for both teams. Arsenal fans think that Tottenham is not a threat but other fans want Tottenham to tear Arsenal apart as a win from Totenham will put Chelsea at the top of the Table and give other teams a closer point margin with Arsenal.


Ozil has been in top form lately and the Arsenal team has been of fire. To make matters worse for Tottenham, Arsenal has 4 inured players returning to this match. Could this be the kiss of death for Tottenham?

Arsenal is known for playing the finest football in the premier league and Tottenham is known for humiliating the bigger teams. Tottenham can not be considered as a walk over because they have been in the title contention many times in the premier league.

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