Would ANY England players get into the Spain XI? MirrorFootball takes a look


Spain are so unbelievably blessed with talent that they can leave out some of the Premier League’sbest players, as they do on a regular basis, from matchday squads.

Indeed, the calibre of their players is such that England once considered attempting to naturalise Mikel Arteta (0 Spain caps) and Manuel Almunia (0 Spain caps) because of their own dearth of quality in those areas.

It makes you think.

And while you engage in that thinking, it’s only natural, one would suppose, to look at the current state of the England team and wonder who from that rag-tag bunch would even have a hope of getting in the Spain XI.

Now, it’s important to set some parameters so this is done on the assumption that everyone would be fully fit. That means that all the players who have pulled out with slight knocks to give England a remote chance of victory at Wembley are available.

It also requires some slight guesswork on what we think the favoured XI is for each of these coaches, both quite new to their respective jobs, but with both now set to be in their for the long-term with Gareth Southgate bracing for a four-year, £6million deal.


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