Cristiano Ronaldo’s new goal celebration gets trolled by internet’s photoshop comedians


We’ll have to find a name for this now.

The Seated Sulk? The Cristiano Crouch? The Pensive Portuguese? Whatever we call it, Cristiano Ronaldo’s new goal celebration may well be here to stay.

Why do we know this? Because the bizarre, eyes-to-camera, pose CR7™ pulled after his second goal in Real Madrid’s 3-0 win against Atletico has created quite a stir.

In fact, it caused so much of a stir that even Ronaldo’s son decided to mock it with the help of his friends.

Ronaldo Snr wrote on Instagram: “The boys make fun of me!”

Much of the chat has been over the meaning of the new celebration. Was he doing his own version of the ‘thinking’ emoji? Was he sending a message to the Ballon d’Or voters? Was he simply checking his reflection in the camera lens?

However, a big part of the reason for the interest in the new pose is far more straightforward.

It offered a great opportunity for some photoshop comedy…


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