Brazil legend Zico says Neymar shouldn’t be captain



Brazil’s men have two 0-0 draws to their name at the Olympics, and they’re in need of a win in their final group stage game on Wednesday. Given Neymar’s poor performances — especially in contrast to the great performances of Marta on the women’s team — the Barcelona star is catching a ton of criticism. Before Wednesday’s game against Denmark, Zico came out and said Neymar shouldn’t be captain.

“The captain of our team is not up to being captain,” Zico said. “He must worry just about football. But, just the opposite, they just started complaining that Iraq were wasting time. They needed to play football.”

Zico’s argument is that the most important attacking player shouldn’t have to worry about leadership and working the referees, and should just be freed up to be creative. And if anyone would know, it’s Zico.

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